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  • Bank your child's future

    Banking your baby’s cord blood today can make the difference in your child’s health tomorrow. For many diseases, cord blood stem cells may offer hope for a cure. Now is the time to begin planning for the innovations of personalized medicine!
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  • Enrolling is simple

    Southern Cord's simple three-step enrollment process takes little time to complete, so you can spend more time preparing your nursery and attending to last-minute details. Southern Cord's friendly staff is always available to answer questions and finalize details.
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  • Exciting potential

    Today nearly 80 life threatening diseases can be treated with cord blood stem cells. Emerging research indicates this number could grow exponentially in the near future, offering promise for the health of both your child and immediate family members.
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  • Affordable security

    Southern Cord offers provides families the highest quality cord blood banking services at an affordable price so that you can give your child a lifetime of insurance.
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Basic facts about cord blood

odds of using cord bloodCord blood is the excess blood left in the umbilical cord and placenta after your baby is born. This blood contains special cells called stem cells, which can help treat diseases in children and adults.

The stem cells in cord blood are a valuable, effective, and non-controversial source of a child’s own adult stem cells. Cord blood transplants are a guaranteed match for the child and can benefit immediate and extended family members, also.

Each year more than 35,000 American children and adults with life threatening illnesses find themselves in need of a stem cell transplant. A recent study found that the cumulative probability that a person will have some type of stem cell transplant by age 70, either from their own cells or from a donor, is approximately 1 in 200. At the current time, the vast majority of transplant patients are older adults because rates of cancer increase with age. When parents contemplate cord blood banking, they should consider the odds that their baby or an immediate family member will need a stem cell transplant.

Data Source: Odds of Using Cord Blood

Enrollment is easy

Banking your child's cord blood with Southern Cord is a simple process, and it takes just three easy steps to enroll.

1 ENROLL by phone or online to receive your cord blood collection kit. This kit contains all necessary materials and instructions to prepare both you and your doctor to collect and ship your baby’s blood.

2 COLLECT cord blood immediately after birth. Notify your doctor early of your decision to bank your child’s cord blood and then provide the doctor with the collection kit at the time of delivery.

3 SHIP the collection kit via courier (included), with pickup from local hospitals.

Once received, the cord blood is analyzed and processed by our lab. Using the most scientifically advanced methods, your baby’s stem cells are tested, then separated and prepared for storage. The cells are stored in our facility within vapor phase liquid nitrogen for cryopreservation and are securely monitored around the clock, seven days a week.